5 Luxurious Hotels To Stay In London Kings Cross

When looking for a Kings Cross hotel to stay in during your holiday or business trip, comfort and access to amenities will always be on your list of priorities. It could be you or maybe the company you work for who will be paying for the trip, however your primary concern will be to get value f

or what you spend. Start by checking out hotels near St Pancras when planning a visit to London. You are sure to get a wide range of options and also the most reasonable rates possible.

For a long time the Kings Cross Hotel industry has been dominated by small rundown establishments that did not give much in terms of quality. Recently however, major changes have taken place and turned the place into a location high quality yet affordable accommodation. The introduction of Eurostar trains as well as the reconstruction of the St Pancras station are some of the significant developments which have taken place. Higher capacity and greater efficiency in transport has given Kings Cross Hotel business a much needed boost. St Pancras hotels are experiencing better times and they have taken a big chunk of the London hotel business. This is clear from the influx of both low budget and luxury hotels that are steadily moving into the area or reinforcing their presence in the case of those that have been operating there in the past.

One of Kings Cross top hotels is Travelodge which offers some of the most reasonable rates especially for those who choose to book in advance. Even if the hotel’s Kings Cross establishment is fully occupied you are still likely to get a room with them in one of their other hotels around London.

Novotel is among the more luxurious of the St Pancras hotels and should be considered by those who have comfort as their primary concern. It is one of the two four star establishments that are a comfortable walking distance from both Kings Cross Stations. Families tend to prefer it as it has child friendly policies and operations.

The Megaro Hotel is another four star outfit that stands out as a leading Kings Cross Hotel. This is the other luxury four star that you can walk to from the train station. The hotel’s building also serves as a point of interest to those visiting especially if they have interest in architecture.

For a middle range Kings Cross hotel you can try the California Hotel which offers a bit of both luxury and budget. This is a two star establishment that is affordable and still manages to offer a good level of comfort and convenience beyond basic accommodation.

In conclusion we have the Wardonia Hotel, located less than 300 meters from the Kings Cross International station. A perfect place for those who are on a short visit. The 24 hour operation of the Wardonia hotel allows you the flexibility to check in and out as per your schedule. The friendly atmosphere and reasonable rates are its main attractions.

If you are really looking for top class Kings Cross hotel suggestions, have a look at The Wardonia Hotel. The Wardonia is one of the best hotels St Pancras choices.